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Housing Affordability News 

23 October 2019   Get Ready for another Structural Housing Shortage
5 June 2019   Australia's House Price Downturn is now Largest on Record
10 April 2019   Thousands of People are Fleeing Sydney Each Month as the City Becomes Unliveable
23 January 2019   Australia Named Second Least-Affordable Housing Market in the World
8 March 2018   Zoning regulations adding hundreds of thousands dollars to price of new houses: RBA
8 March 2018   Homebuyers are Paying a Heavy Price for Zoning Restrictions: Reserve Bank
4 March 2018   Housing Risks 'Catastrophic': Grattan Institute
23 February 2018   The Gorgeous Photos of the Derelict Properties you Still Can't Afford
24 January 2018   Australia Ranked the Third Least Affordable Housing Market in The World
23 January 2018   Australian Property 'severely unaffordable': Global Study
22 January 2018   Australia Ranked Third Least Affordable for Housing
3 April 2017   Why our Regulators are Losing Sleep Over Housing
15 March 2017   Fixing The Housing Affordability Crisis
2 February 2017   Housing Affordability Crisis: Social Divide Affects a Generation
2 February 2017   Deluge of Affordability Data Forces Government's Hand
27 January 2017   Lismore Housing Through the Roof
27 January 2017   Liberal MPs Agitate Over Negative Gearing
24 January 2017   Sydney Housing: New Survey Paints Dire Picture for Harbour City's Middle Income Earners
24 January 2017   Five Aussie Cities Named 'Worst in the World' for Affordable Housing
24 January 2017   Adelaide Named One of World's Least Affordable Housing Markets
24 January 2017   Sydney is the World's Second Most Unaffordable City, Demographia Survey Finds
9 January 2017   Sydney Housing: Caution about Reforms to Combat Affordability Crisis
24 October 2016   Federal Treasurer Puts States on Notice Over House Prices
24 October 2016   Keeping Home Ownership Within Reach
7 September 2016   Housing Debate Forces Cancellation of Parliament's Question Time
29 August 2016   High-rise Appartments are bad to live in and bad for Society, says Respected Architect
23 August 2016   The Shocking Decline of Affordable Australian Housing
22 August 2016   New Zealanders want Lower House Prices
20 July 2016   Victoria's Home Ownership Rates Collapse
14 July 2016   Australia's Building an Epic Number of Apartments
21 June 2016   How did Dying Adelaide end up with Expensive Land?
7 June 2016   Where do the Parties Stand on Housing Issues?
2 May 2016   Negative Gearing Helping Drive Housing Prices up, Liberal MP John Alexander Says
1 May 2016   New York more Affordable than Darwin
28 April 2016   Housing in New York Cheaper Than Regional Australia
24 April 2016   Federal Election 2016 - Home Ownership an Issue as Government Takes Reform off Table
22 April 2016   It's Cheaper to Live in New York
3 April 2016   Housing Affordability: Two-Thirds Believe Owning a Home Beyond Next Generation
31 March 2016   Australian First-Home Buyers Face Higher than Ever Loan Default Risk
29 March 2016   Australia's Ghost Suburbs a 'National Scandal'
24 March 2016   Co-housing - Would you Share Your Home with a Complete Stranger?
24 March 2016   SA Government Locks in High Land Prices
14 March 2016   Adelaide Property Growth of 2.8 per cent Tops the Nation
11 March 2016   The Death of the Great Australian Dream
10 March 2016   Housing Policy is Captive to Property Politics, so don't Expect Politicians to Tackle Affordability
9 March 2016   First-home Buyers Dreams Dashed as Sydney Land Prices Jump $100,000 in a Year
7 March 2016   Housing Affordability a National Tragedy
2 March 2016   Housing is a Ponzi Scheme....John Alexander MP
20 February 2016   Greens Put Negative Gearing on the Table
17 February 2016   SA Planning policies make housing unaffordable
12 February 2016   Shorten Unveils Labor Election Policy - No More Negative Gearing for Existing Homes
7 February 2016   Act and save Aussie dream
7 February 2016   Priced up, priced out of housing
7 February 2016   SA Housing Affordability Is Spiralling Out Of Control, Experts Warn
7 February 2016   Two Views On The Crisis
27 January 2016   Why You Can't Buy a House in Wollongong
25 January 2016   Housing Costs in Australia second only to Hong Kong
25 January 2016   Sydney, Melbourne Houses in World's Top Five Most Unaffordable: Demographia